Friday, August 26, 2011

MORE 30's!

30 More Things About Me:

1. My hair is really long. I keep thinking I'll cut it when it stops growing, but it doesn't stop growing.
2. I love cooking.. e v e r y t h i n g.
3. My Nana is the best grandmother in the entire world.
4. Cheerios are my favourite... just plain. Not chocolate. Not honey nut. PLAIN, OLD SCHOOL CHEERIOS. *
5. I think nature is beautiful, and giving life to plants is our only opportunity to play God.
6. I want 5 children. Annabelle was my first, and I hope she is not my last.
7. I love getting my nails done, and acting super girly for Annabelle.
8. I'm scared of driving, but I do it anyway.
9. Candles do not serve any purpose for me. Open a window, fresh air is better than wax air.
10. My bff Krista wrote a rap ~ it will blow your mind away. Link:!/video/video.php?v=10150287063738788&comments
11. I FINALLY have our Euro trip planned!
12. I love white kitchens.
13. I painted my bookshelf black with white polka dots on the outside, and white with black polka dots on the inside.
14. I wear my Annabelle necklace every day. It is made of pink and white swarvoski crystals.
15. There is nothing like Toronto's street meat.
16. I can't skate, and I can only semi-rollerblade.
17. There are 2 huge dogs fighting outside my back window right now.. eek
18. I love my Mom!
19. I wish I wasn't scared of tanning beds so that I could get a fake bake and be all cool lookin'.
20. I've been denied a Canadian Tire Mastercard 3 times, but I will try again today.
21. My rogers internet bill is months overdue (probably why I'm being denied a new credit card.. ha).
22. Ian James McRae is my boyfriend and I will love him to infinity and beyond.
23. My psychic, Ezter (not Esther.. Ezter), says I will not look youthful in a few more years due to the longness of my fingers. Apparently only people with short fingers will be young forever. Booo!
24. I wish I were an oscar meyer weiner. kidding!
25. I love arts and crafts ~ always have, always will.
26. If I had nothing to do, I would sit in front of a fireplace with a white wool blanket, hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows) in hand, and watch Pretty in Pink.
27. I hate working, but love that it gives me an excuse to not keep the house clean.
28. The friends I have made on my journey through grief are all phenomenal. I love them all so much, and I would never be where I am today without their ongoing support and enlightenment.
29. I want to start a photography business when I come back from Europe.
30. Scrapbooking is AWESOME!

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