Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hello, Childhood

30 things about my childhood:

1. On road trips I spent plenty of time staring at the wires that moved from telephone pole to telephone pole. If you look closely, the wires are further apart in the centre than they are when they reach the pole. For some reason, this entranced me.
2. I had a doll named Angela, with a moon on her forehead.
3. I had a beanie baby whom I named Mittens, although her beanie name was Flip.
4. My parents spent all their time loving me. I had a wonderful childhood.
5. After kindgarten, I would arrive home to watch Leave It to Beaver and Young and The Restless with my Nana.
6. My Nana was my babysitter.
7. My sister's friend's Mom gave me Portuguese lessons.. I don't remember anything I learned.
8. My Nana lived a few blocks away, and I was allowed to bike ride to her house all alone for the first time when I was in grade 3.
9. I loved playing Barbies.
10. I loved making my sister be the "animals".. she was never allowed to be a Barbie.
11. I had a wide collection of Beanie Babies.
12. My Mom always dressed me and my sister up in the same outfits, different colours.
13. I remember seeing my mostrous sized brother in the NICU.
14. In Grade 2, we learned where babies come from (not how they're made, just where they come from).
15. My Mom went through her pregnancy in my second grade year, thus she came into the class for monthly visits so we could learn all about how a baby grows.
16. JK teacher: Mrs Hazlett
17. SK teacher: Mrs Conroy
18. Grade 1 teacher: Mrs Billings
19. Grade 2 teacher: Mrs Andrews
20. Grade 3 teacher: the evil witch, Mrs. McEachreon (Mc-Each-Re-On.. we were taught, daily, how to spell it).
21. Grade 4 teacher: Mrs Dalton
22. Grade 5 teacher: forget. Hmm, guess my memory isn't that great afterall.
23. My first pair of glasses were bought in grade 3.
24. I hated giving my sister the clothes I outgrew.
25. My sister had a bunk bed, I did not.
26. My Mom always let us have our friends over for playdates.
27. I thought my parents were the best, most untouchable people in the World.
28. War? What's that?
29. I snuck pet caterpillars into the house.
30. My sister was my best friend, our baby brother was our make believe pet :)

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