Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ian's 30 Things!

30 Things About Ian James McRae

1. I'm still growing
2. I like black and red and gold
3. Mowing the lawn is my business
4. T-Rex is my favorite dinosaur
5. I love history
6. And I love Rebecca more than history and math combined
7. My dog's name is Skye
8. Hardtalk is my favorite show
9. One of my many dreams is to craft a hammer made out of worldly relics
10. Younger sister- Sarah. Brother - Jonathan
11. I don't sleep that much
12. Napoleon didn't sleep much either
13. I enjoy beers with wings
14. Most of my friends have been my friends since I was a kid
15. Hate being tickled!
16. Tomorrow I plan to watch "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"
17. I like gardening and yard work to a lesser degree
18. My dream car is an ass kickin Mustang convertible
19. Rebecca and I are going to Europe October 1st :) wooohooo
20. My family is awesome
21. I have a booming book collection
21a. Very few of my books are fictional literature
22. Every summer I get earaches from swimming
23. My favorite summer pass-time is to go swim-net-fishing, love it
24. Current rent: $375
25. Best word I can think of at this moment: Kronos
26.Three maps are on my bedroom wall: of France, of the Middle East, and the World (1972)
27. My dream job is to be the Minister of Education
28. I'm craving grilled cheese
29. This past Saturday I went to Wakestock... rocked it
30. After I'm done this list, Becca will probably jump on her computer and read this ;)
31. Aha! I tease people like Becca xoxoxoxoxoxo....... and my Mom lol

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