Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Challenge Change :)

So! We decided to not do the book club idea because we didn't like the book they had chosen (something about a cat who becomes lost in a library). I have instead decided to either join an 8 week bereavement group, which I consider a "club", or join a fitness club. Hmm, maybe I will do both!

My emotions have been wonky for the past month and I can't seem to travel out of this slump, so the bereavement group is something that I think would be extremely beneficial to me both mentally and emotionally. I have a meeting with the group coordinator this week to see if this group would be best for me - I hope we both end up agreeing that it will be.

My fitness is a completely separate subject. I am thin, but very unhealthy. My diet is not what it should be, and my body is not toned like I would like it to me. I'm wondering if my up and down emotions stem from my lack of self esteem for how I look. I think that might be part of it. So, maybe if I join a fitness club I can gain self esteem which in turn will lead to stabilized emotions.

Phew! Let's see what this week brings :) Ian still hasn't decided what club he wants to join, but he better decide soon!!