Friday, August 5, 2011

August's Challenge

I am writing to say, once again, that we did not complete our last month's challenge. It has turned our stomachs inside out knowing that we have failed miserably... again. Instead of taking this challenge into August, I thought that we will still work on the video challenge in August, but add something easier as well.

As August's 30 Day Challenge I will be soul searching. I know, it isn't that over the top awesome, but it is certainly a challenge. Each day we will write down 30 things about ourselves. Hopefully by the end of August some wonderful memories will have found their way back into my heart, and it is with fingers crossed that I hope to find out what it is I truly want out of life.

So, here is my first list.

30 Things About Becca:
1. I have a daughter, who was born asleep, named Annabelle.
2. I have a life partner, who is named Ian.
3. I am 19 years old.
4. My birthday is December 18th, 1991.
5. The sun makes me very, very sleepy. In fact, everything makes me very sleepy.
6. I have the best Mom in the World.
7. Family is the most important aspect of my life.
8. I have a variety of religious beliefs. I think it's safe to say I believe and don't believe in nearly everything.
9. I sleep on the comfiest, squishiest bed ever!
10. I want so badly to make a huge difference in this world.
11. I work in a call centre for Charter Communications - employing Canadians to act as technical support for those in the US who actually have their services.
12. I hope to be pregnant with our rainbow baby in the next 2 years, at the very most.
13. I love my little 3 person family. Together, Ian, myself, and Annabelle are a strong and united front.
14. Although I have had a child, I am still treated like a child but a select few individuals, and I absolutely despise it.
15. My favourite colours were once blue and purple.
16. Since learning about Annabelle, my favourite colours have changed to pink and yellow (the sunset, sunrise, sunshine, like her).
17. I never trusted anyone until I met a fellow "BLM" (baby loss Mom). I trust all of my friendly BLMs.
18. My hands and my feet are always cold.
19. Cheerios with strawberry milk is my favourite breakfast food (thanks, Mom).
20. Ladybugs are beginning to remind me of Annabelle. They have popped up everywhere over the past year.
21. I love my mac :)
22. I'm going on a trip to Europe with the love of my life for 2 months, leaving October 1st.
23. I have a graphic design diploma.
24. I do not want to be a graphic designer.
25. Because of graphic design school, I am now $5500 in debt and was told it will take 90 months of $75 monthly payments to be rid of this evil amount of money.
26. My Dad may not always show it, but he loves his children and I will forever be thankful for that. He isn't perfect. No one is.
27. I wish I had time to lie in the sun and tan.
28. I spent $16 on shitty sunscreen today - eek!
29. I wish I could spend more time with my cousins.
30. I love Aveeno hand cream.

I will posts Ian's 30 things later tonight! :)

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