Sunday, August 28, 2011

More 30

30 Things I Learned Today

1. How to make money from my blog (thanks to
2. Life is not about money, but it sure as hell eases the way
3. Boys like to party, it's inevitable
4. I should not leave my contacts in for over 24 hours
5. I hate doing dishes (hard to say if I learned that today, or years ago)
6. How a human's metabolism works
7. I have 2 best friends - Ian and Foog
8. I hate going to the bar and spending $$
9. One way flights from Europe to Canada are way more expensive than one way flights from Canada to Europe
10. Blackberry's suck (y's or ies for that one?)
11. How to change ink cartridges in my printer
12. My Mom becomes distracted extremely easily, but not as easily as my Nan
13. Crickets piss me off and keep me up until 2am
14. I cannot avoid babies, nor blissfully ignorant pregnant women.
15. Pizza doesn't taste as good as it did 3 years ago
16. How to check ink levels on a mac
17. What a blog carnival is
18. Fresh air makes it easier to withdraw from depression
19. Being honest is the only way to live! As of today, I will always be honest. I kind of don't care who it offends.
20.  Nail salons always create a thinner gel line on your nail bed because they want you to come back in 2 weeks for a fill. No, thank you.
21. My boyfriend can be extremely lazy when it comes to household chores
22. If I could live in my bed, I would
23. My sister is a country fanatic
24. Age doesn't mean shit. When I think about being "19" I need to laugh, literally, out loud. Feels more like 30.
25. I avoid confrontations at all costs.
26. My friend Charlotte leaves for England on September 1st :(
27. Apparently Canadians say "aboot" instead of "about".. what the heck is up with that? A customer on the phone today told me he was surprised I said "about" instead of "aboot" after I told him I'm from Ontario. Very odd.
28. Since Barack Obama became USA's president, residents of the states no longer need to claim they are from Canada when traveling the World (explained by the same customer above)... ha!
29. No one will catch me if I slack off at work!
30. Life is short. 9/11 changed so many lives, and the death of my daughter has changed mine. (I had no idea until today how many people were indirectly affected by 9/11... this article is a great read:

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