Monday, August 22, 2011

30 Things - To Do List!

30 Things To Do!

1. Figure out entire trip to Europe.
2. Pack for Europe.
3. Figure out if it would be easier to take large backpacks or a suitcase to Europe.
4. Pack the entire apartment.. in 3 weeks.
5. Figure out moving dates.
6. Find people to help us move.
7. Get rid of A LOT of clothes in my small closet.
8. Pay off VISA
9. Make $$, maybe take some overtime at work
10. Create a list for UTPAIL (United Through Pregnancy and Infant Loss)
11. Cancel Rogers internet
12. Change phone plan
13. Empty vase in kitchen and replace with new flowers
14. Get on Ian's ass about changing the bathroom door that he punched, and left a hole in, months ago
15. Get on Ian's ass about fixing the kitchen drawer.
16. Clean. Even when you think you've cleaned everything, there is always more to do.
17. Laundry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18. Make a list of all my BLM's baby angel dates.
19. Sell the stuff on kijiji for Mom
20. Annabelle's birthday scrapbook
21. Drop off Bingo donations at the Leacock Home
22. Read the Book of Awesome
23. Call Nana (will do that right now)
24. Go for a run, live healthy!
25. Transfer everything on computer to external harddrive
26. Tell Ian how awesome he is!
27. Buy some berries
28. Learn how to use self tanner
29. Start "Annabelle's Seashell"

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