Monday, November 22, 2010

So Many Instruments! So Little Time.

The above video is of one of the BEST bands I have ever heard (I haven't heard too many lol but I think they are so awesome). Yesterday was the Santa Clause Parade in Orillia. Apparently we have the biggest Santa Clause parade north of Toronto - if you count the million fire trucks, police cars, and other random vehicles that drive in it. Anyway, there were bagpipes - drums - tubas - flutes - everything!! Ian says he now wishes he had learned the bagpipes, but I told him not to worry because the bagpipes would have been crazy expensive. I wish I chose the xylophone. There was one band at the parade that had 3 xylophone players!! It looked SO neat. The month is almost done though, so I will have to stick with my guitar. Maybe in a year or so we can have another instrumental 30 day challenge.

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