Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Endings, New Beginnings

2010 has officially ended. We are sad that the year of Annabelle has passed, but years are just numbers and this is still Annabelle's year!

Our background check has been handed in successfully. We were able to bring everything in on December 29th. I am so glad we are one step closer to volunteering at the Leacock Centre! We were suppose to finish our orientation this week but due to a family emergency we were unable to attend, so hopefully everything goes as planned for next week. We are extending our Volunteer 30 Day Challenge, to a 60 Day Challenge (aka, a 2 month challenge). This is mainly because we have yet to actually volunteer. Ian and I want to be able to blog about interactive volunteer stories, not just our attempt at volunteering. So.. I know we are breaking our own rules, but January's 30 Day Challenge is a continuation from December -- VOLUNTEERING!

Wishing everyone many laughs during this year of 2011.


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