Saturday, January 8, 2011

Orientation Complete!

Yesterday, Ian and I officially COMPLETED our orientation! My goodness me it was terrific. Ian was his grumpy breakfast-less self, of course, but he came around once he met the fantastic gentleman that he would be visiting with. I won't share his name, but even I was thrilled when meeting him. I think he is Ian 60 years from now! He had a map on his wall, a piano in his room, along with a set of national geographics, and a deep passion for history. During our conversing, we also found out that this sweet and gentle elder loves DRAWING! Now is that Ian, or what? I hope that Ian and this new friend can share and learn many things from each other.

I met many little ladies who I would love to become friends and visit with. One lady is very crafty and makes quilts, dolls, the whole shabang. As a graphic designer, I'm jealous of her ability to design these magnificent pieces of art and put her ideas into something tangible! I hope that she may teach me how to quilt sometime in the near future. I've always been interested in quilting but never pursued it. There was one lady there named Annabelle. Annabelle, like our sweet Angel in Heaven guiding us through each day. What are the chances? We walked into a room with two ladies in wheelchairs and Lois (that kind hearted Volunteer Co ordinator that the Leacock Centre was lucky enough to bring onto their team) called both of the ladies by name, one being Annabelle. Ian and I froze mid second in our steps and reached for each other's hands. It was a very short yet magical moment. The other lady in the room was saying that she hated what was on the television. Reminder to self: KEEP ALL AWESOME MOVIES FOREVER SO THAT I HAVE SOMETHING TO WATCH IN MY OLD AGE THAT I'LL ACTUALLY ENJOY!

Overall, we had fun, and we are SO overwhelmingly excited to begin visits with our assigned residents! The nice thing about volunteering is that we can come and go as we please, with the restriction that it would be nice if the residents knew when we were coming instead of just showing up.. I think that would startle them sometimes. Plus, if they're napping, there isn't much we can do with them except maybe sing a lullaby and listen to them snore, lol. We will keep you posted!

Love, hugs, and peace from my family to yours.


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