Saturday, December 11, 2010


Wow, I've been so busy that I nearly forgot to post an update. This past Thursday Ian and I went to the Leacock Centre, a local nursing home. We did a volunteer interview type of thing and it went great! It was actually suppose to be me going with Ian tagging along so we could go out for lunch after, however he surprised me when we were there and told the lady that he too was interested in a volunteer opportunity!

The room we sat in was decked out in historic furniture. Every piece told a story, it was so beautiful. Of course my huge history buff boyfriend loved it! During the interview the lady told us that the man who invented the credit card spent some time at the nursing home which is pretty neat eh? Anyway, I insisted that I have direct communication with the residents, which the lady absolutely loved! Ian did that too, as well as stating that he is able to help life heavy things, transport wheelchairs, help residents place things on a shelf when they can't reach - you know, the "manly" stuff. LOL!

We told the extremely kind volunteer services manager all about our 30 Day Challenges and about Annabelle -- she was so empathetic. Note empathetic, not sympathetic. Never show sympathy to an Angel parent, it does not contain as much compassion as empathy does. Anyway, overall she was a wonderful lady and truly tried to understand why this meant so much to us. I hope Annabelle is looking down with a huge smile on her face. I know she would have loved helping any and every one in her path, which is why this volunteer opportunity is so important to the both of us.

We were invited back on December 21st to go through some Health & Safety training as well as take a tour of the residence and meet some staff and other volunteers. I am SO excited, yay!

Love you always my dearest Abby girl.

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  1. That's great Becca. It's always nice to actually like whatever you do for volunteering. Maybe your next service can be tree-planting! ;)