Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 21

Wow! I am so sorry that it's been so long since our last update, I have been so busy with shopping, birthdays, and work.. but still - no excuse.

We went to our orientation last Thursday. It was so fun! Again, the Volunteer Services Manager (Lois) is such a kind, bubbly lady. I admire her enthusiasm so much. She is definitely the perfect picture of someone who should be working with the elderly. She created a Volunteer Package for Ian and I to go through once we were home. It has a lot of information on the rights of the elderly, which I think is definitely a necessity in this day and age. She told us more about the Leacock Centre - They are at full capacity right now with 145 occupants, and the nursing home is divided into 5 sections (better known as communities). Each community has it's own dining and living area. Lois' explanation for this was that it was easier for new resident to feel comfortable when they do not feel overwhelmed by strangers. Lois compared the experience to your first day of high school, walking into the cafeteria and knowing no one. If the cafeteria was a quarter of the size than what it was, you would feel more comfortable and at ease. The communities also provide a safe environment for the seniors who are slowly being affected by Alzheimer's Disease. I think this is ALL just so awesome! Everyone we met has such a great outlook on life and on how to treat seniors.

We had to get a tuberculosis shot injected into our skin (yes, skin, not vein, weird, I know) to ensure that obviously we do not have tuberculosis. While we were walking to the Nurses Station we passed through a group of about 10 ladies. I think Ian felt a little overwhelmed, because he has never been in a situation like that before. I stopped and spoke to a funny lady named Dixie. She was so adorable. I cannot wait until we start volunteering.

We go back next week to complete the orientation, which is just a tour of the residence. Then we can get started!! We probably won't be actually volunteering until the New Year, but at least we have put a step on our path. I love that with each month not only do we have a different task to complete, but these tasks last with us for a lifetime, and we learn something about ourselves along the way.

Thinking of everyone this Holiday season! Have a safe and very Merry Christmas.


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