Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trying Hard!

I emailed many of the local nursing/retirement homes in hopes that one will soon be in contact with me to begin volunteering. I also left a message with a local church (the church I would be going to if I was 100% about the religion I was raised with) that hands out donated food on the third Wednesday of every month... hopefully they'll need some help as well. I LOVE volunteering, it makes me feel so wonderful.

I've had the busiest weekend! Christmas shopping.. lots of it... ahhhh!

Keep your fingers crossed for me! Ian has been swamped with homework so he has yet to begin his volunteer search. I hope I find a great volunteer opportunity soon!

On another note, we are missing Annabelle so much - especially with our Birthdays and the Holidays right around the corner. I think she would be so proud of us for helping other people, in memory of her. I know that if she were here she would be volunteering wherever she could when she was old enough.. she would have loved helping people, just like her Mumma and Daddy.


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