Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Piece by Piece

I am currently in BC, but on the night before leaving I attempted to find my "inner self"....

Ian shared a story with me in reference to one of his roommates from the hostel he stayed at last year in Rome. This roommate practiced meditation by sitting cross legged (nightly) and felt his entire body from big toe to top of forehead. I'm not sure how to explain the "felt" aspect of this mediation. I guess it's almost like a wiggle, it's as though he places himself in the moment 100% and concentrates strictly on whatever body part he is focusing on. He explained to Ian that if he does it properly it takes about 3 hours, but he had been doing it all in one hour since he was on vacation.

Ian tells me this story SOOOOO what do I do? Test it. I test the theory. I wonder if this will help me calm my soul and mind down, or if it will (at the very least) help me fall asleep since I've had issues with that lately. I was lying in bed... not cross legged, just lying... Ian snoring beside me, and I could not fall asleep! I began wiggling my big toe slowly and concentrating on the movement. I wanted to do it for 5 minutes, but I was impatient; thus, 30 seconds later I moved to the next toe. After moving my first 4 toes, I fell asleep! I didn't even remember it by the next day until mid evening! Marvelous, absolutely marvelous. Needless to say this will forever be my sleep medicine :)

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  1. I can't wiggle all my toes seperately!! Why can't I wiggle my toes seperately?? I can do the big toe, but when I do the others they all do it together! Maybe they're shy!

    I will probably not sleep now for trying to wiggle my toes! :P

    On a serious note, though ~a few years ago I used to suffer from awful insomnia. I would be lucky to get 2 hours sleep per night. So I bought a tape for my walkman (yes, I know, showing my age!). It talked you through a relaxation technique to help you to sleep!! And it worked! And I was able to return to work!

    Love & huggles frae the Highlands!