Saturday, October 30, 2010


November's 30 Day Challenge is...

Learn to play an instrument in 30 days!

Ian and I are so excited to begin our first challenge. Will we succeed? I hope so! We have been thinking a little bit about what instruments we want to play, but we cannot begin to look for/research instruments until the first day of our challenge!

I either want to learn the violin, keyboard, or guitar. The only way I can learn to play magical music from a violin is if I find somewhere in Orillia that I can rent one from. I'm not sure how expensive/inexpensive keyboards are so I will have to research that on Monday, November 1st. My sister, Madalyn, has a guitar that she is (hopefully) willing to let me use.. so the guitar is the most probable option. I don't want to pay for lessons, so I think my technique will be to use videos from youtube to learn how to play. I'm really excited! Tomorrow I'm having a major homework day so that I can get some assignments done and thus not be distracted from my 30 Day Challenge.

Ian is thinking about learning how to play the harmonica. I know, COOL! Such a great idea. Although I don't know where he is going to find one, buy one, or learn to play one. We shall wait and see.

Happy Halloween everyone, and Happy 1st Heaven Halloween to my sweet angel Annabelle.

I will update on Monday.

Peace, Love, and Hugs!

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