Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Words~Wahoo!

Here is our latest video update...

Welcome ~ Merhba
How are you? ~ Kif int
I'm good, thanks ~ Tajjeb, Grazzi
And you? ~ U int?
Good, thank you very much ~ Tajjeb, Grazzi Hafna

Thanks for watching guys :) Like we said at the end of the video.. we bought our first tickets for our trip to Europe in the Fall! A one way ticket to Malta is about $1000, but a one way ticket to Rome is only $378.. from Rome to Malta we can get a plane ticket for $100 at the very most, so option two is obviously most economical. WAHOO CAN'T WAIT! I definitely can't wait to see the different sunsets and sunrises on that side of the World.. those are what remind us of Annabelle most!


  1. Cool! My hubby said it sounded like a mix of arabic & italian =)

  2. Just 2 days left! Make sure you keep practicing until you leave for your trip otherwise you'll forget everything. And is it just me, or did you have some kind of...moment towards the end? It looked like something came over you can you were about to cry. But it was fleeting and you were back to "normal" real fast. Enjoy your trip. :)

  3. Enjoy and be safe! I hope you share some of the pictures of the sunset with us. How wonderful to see them from different parts of the world!