Friday, February 25, 2011

We Suck

Ian and I have been so busy that neither of us have taken the initiative to update our blog. We have learned little about the art of war, but what we have learned has just completely blown my mind.

In the beginning of February we watched a documentary (Ian made me, of course -- I swear Annabelle would have had such a similar personality to her daddy) about the Mongol Empire. Never thought I would say this but it was SO FREAKIN' COOL! My goodness I was on the edge of my seat. I definitely would suggest it. It's also mostly on youtube too, Part 1 introduces the warrior Genghis Khan who was born *apparently* holding a blood clot, which was a "sign from Heaven that he was destined to be a great warrior". Anyway, there is this one part of the documentary where they go over some specific war tactics that Genghis is famous for. My most favourite was when a group of his soldiers left a battle in disguise that they were running away. Instead, they were taking their opponents around the corner of a huge rock-type-mountain. Upon this rock-type-mountain were numerous soldiers of Khan's team (and numerous like... hundreds and hundreds) ready with bow and arrow to strike the opponents as soon as they turned the corner. It was SUCH a fantastic idea! If I ever happen to be at war, that is the tactic I will try to convince others to use.

Hmm. What else can I talk about? I think this is the only "war" thing I have on my mind right now. I hope Ian will post something before the end of the month. We kind of failed our challenge this month which is very unfortunate.

On another note, we are having an awesome time volunteering :)

Peace to you all,

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  1. Hey no one can do it all. I don't know what Ian's been up to but I know you've had MAD schoolwork this month. Plus you kinda got cheated cause it's a short month. No excuses for March! :)